ArabLabscientific equipment

A Trusted Partner for the Biopharmaceutical Industry & Laboratories & Chemical and Pathological consumables .

Wholesales of scientific and Practical Equipment and Devices Trading and also Wholesale of water Desalination Equipment and Machinery and outfit Trading .

" GEO-Science " Group establish at Abu Dhabi . We worked with National Oil Company like  "ADNOC"  . We are one of the world's leading energy producers , and a primary catalyst for "UAE" growth and diversification , and also have We have " ARAB LAB " as another branch located in Ras AL-Khimah as A Trusted Partner for BiopharmaceuticalIndustry & Laboratories and Chemical and Pathological consumable. as Wholesale of Scientific and Practical Equipment and Devices Trading , and also Wholesale of Water Treatment Equipment and Machinery outfit Trading .

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